Wednesday 15 September 2010

Bay Leaf, Grayshott

After a journey down to Dorset last Friday, we got back to Grayshott at nearly 10 p.m.  Bay Leaf had a table available and we were in by 10 past.  We enjoyed a delicious supper;  mains were lamb piro-piro, a spicy dish with sauce similar to jalfrezi, and a beautifully-presented chicken shashlik, with bindi bhaji on the side.  This tasted fantastic - the okra were cut into short lengths and cooked with a little tomato, giving a very light sauce, allowing some crunch in the vegetables.  Best I've had since eating a few years ago at the Old India in Bristol.  The service was friendly and though it was late in the evening, the atmosphere was good.

The menu is more varied and less purist Nepali than Gurkha Durbar, which people travel miles to visit.  It's also a very small restaurant, and sometimes booking will be vital.  None of this is bad news, it's just a different experience.  Bay Leaf is a place I'll look forward to visiting again.