Monday 1 February 2016

Madhuban - Tues 9th February

The table is booked - we're looking forward to our visit to sunny Liss and Madhuban on Tuesday 9th February.   Aperitifs will be at the Whistle Stop at about 19:30, and then we'll make the short journey across the railway line to Madhuban for dinner at 20:30.

This is our favourite venue for Curry Club meetings, it produces some truly great food, so we can expect a good turnout.  Members, please let me know  as soon as possible whether you expect to be there, either through the feedback page of the web site or in response to the members' notice e-mail.

Just a little note to members who sit waiting for their monthly e-mail: this notice on the blog page is always prepared first, and then I copy and paste it into an e-mail to send to you when I have time.  So you can often find out the details of the monthly meeting earlier if you check this page.  Looking forward to a great evening next Tuesday!