Monday 30 April 2018

Bay Leaf in May!

The table is booked!  By popular request, we return to the Bay Leaf in Grayshott on Tuesday 8th May.  Aperitifs will be at the Fox and Pelican from about 19:30;  dinner is booked for 20:30.

This is always a popular venue, and Bishnu plans a 'surprise'!  His surprises have always been pleasant ones, so it's essential that we let him know how many to expect.  Please use the feedback page on the web site or reply a.s.a.p. to the e-mail that will be sent out today to members to let us know if you plan to be there.  It's a Bank Holiday on Monday so you may have less time than you thought, if you're planning to leave it to the last minute to decide.

Of course, the first weekend in May is also the date for the Petersfield Pub 7s.  I hope there's some decent weather and the Rugby Club's end-of-season party goes well.  But if not, Tuesday should be a great evening.  Hope to see you there.

Loads of parking in Grayshott - at the pub, a car park near the restaurant and the pub, and a car park on Crossways Road too.

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Lavant Street Paradise! Wednesday 11th April

The table is booked!  We're doing something a little different in April, meeting on Wednesday evening, the 11th, and visiting the Charles Street Tap for our aperitifs before a short walk down Lavant Street to the Paradise Balti for dinner.  We heard that Big John is host there on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, so it seems a good idea to check the place out.  It's in the building on the corner of  Charles Street and Lavant Street, the building that used to be the auctioneer's.  As well as serving some insanely strong American IPAs, it apparently has real ale too.    Aperitifs from 19:30-ish as usual, dinner at 20:30.

Please let me know whether you expect to be there, using the feedback page on the website or, if you're one of the lucky 40-odd recipients, in response to the members' e-mail notice that will be sent out soon.  We had a great time last month, good beer, delicious food, but places were short.  We're a bit more flexible this time, but it's still good to let the restaurant know how many, so please reply as soon as possible and certainly by Monday night. 

Looking forward to a great and slightly different evening on Wednesday 11th!  See map below if you're confused about the location.