Thursday 13 June 2013

Bay Leaf - June meeting report

This should be flaming June, but in fact it was a filthy rain- and wind-swept evening more like October. In the circumstances, and maybe driving up from Petersfield on such a bad night wasn't an attractive idea, fewer members showed up than expected. However, the gallant few that braved the weather were rewarded with some really good food.

Starters were very tasty and varied: fish pakora, lamb pakora, chicken sadeko* - seemed like spicy chicken with a little soy in the marinade - and momo lamb, served with plenty of salad and some interesting dips, from mild to hot. After that, the main courses were a great selection: chicken jalfrezi, lamb pathia and a chicken special curry were served first. These were accompanied by naans: keema, garlic and a Bay Leaf special. Vegetable dishes were a channa (chick pea) massala, black dahl and sag paneer, together with Bay Leaf's special rice. Then the centrepiece of the meal was - if I've spelled it right - lamb massala bharta, lamb leg steaks cooked in a rich tomato and onion sauce. Really delicious, and not on the regular menu, so this was a real treat. We did our best, but they'd clearly cooked for a few more than arrived. Where's Will Parkes when you need him?

All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening for those that made it, rewarded with delicious food, beautifully presented and well served. Keep korma and curry on!

Phone: 01428 608030 for bookings and takeaway

Next month: Spice Lounge, Petersfield

* Here's a clip from YouTube showing a way to prepare Chicken Sadeko: