Monday 7 January 2019

Spice Lounge on 15th Jan!

We haven't been to the Spice Lounge since December 2017.  Early last year, the menu changed direction to something that looked expensive and very short of interesting dishes.  Fortunately it's back as an Indian restaurant and we're booked to go there on Tuesday 15th.  That's a week later than the usual schedule, but we felt at the last meeting that the 8th was just too close to New Year.

I haven't ordered the kulchi lamb yet, but if at least eight people ask for it by 6 pm Saturday, I'll make a call and see what they can do - if it's on the new menu.  The spiced up version was really quite good.

Aperitifs will be at the Old Drum from about 7.30 pm and then dinner will be at 8.30.  Please let me know either by e-mail in response to the members' meeting notice or using the feedback page on our web site whether you expect to make it.

As evidence that the restaurant has changed direction, there's a new web site including new menu and a promotions/offers page.  That looks enterprising, they've obviously got ideas, so let's look forward to a great evening on Tuesday 15th of January.