Sunday 29 November 2015

Malabon - venue for Tues 8th December

The table is booked!  The venue for our December meeting, to be held on Tuesday 8th, is Malabon Tandoori, Dragon Street, Petersfield.  Aperitifs will be at the Red Lion from about 19:30, and then dinner will be at the Malabon at 20:30.  

This will be our third visit of 2015 to Malabon, and  and we think it's a great choice for our pre-Christmas event.  Other restaurants that had two visits each are Spice Lounge, Paradise Balti, and Chilli NIghts in Haslemere.  Madhuban in Liss, the Bay Leaf and the Gurkha Durbar, both in Grayshott, had one visit each.   

This has been a difficult year for our curry club, with lower attendances due to Wednesday night clashes, and the fact that some members simply don't like to sit down for dinner as late as 20:30.  We've tried to address both of these.  We experimented with dinner at 19:30 but had little positive feedback.  The variation of day seems the more acceptable, and  we'll carry on this trial.  So we hope that as many as possible can make it for our last event of the year.  Please let me know whether you expect to make it, either in response to the members' notice e-mail or by using the feedback page on the web site.  

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Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Tuesday 8th!

Wednesday 11 November 2015

November 2015 report

We visited Chilli Night in Weyhill, Haslemere, for our November meeting.  Few of the southern contingent were able to make the journey, but we found the usual warm welcome and enjoyed a very good evening.  Once again, we experimented with a Tuesday evening rather than Wednesday and a slightly earlier start, dining at 20:00 rather than 20:30.  Due to the shortage of decent pubs in the Weyhill area, we met at the restaurant for pre-dinner aperitifs. 

As usual, we asked the restaurant to choose the menu for us.  They did well, and while the main courses were all medium-hot rather than hot-hot, there was masses of flavour and the food delighted us.  The mixed starter included fish tikka, shamee kebab with spinach, onion bhaji and a mixed chat and puree - delicious flavours and a great start to the evening.

The main courses included Chicken Manchuria (sweet and sour sauce), Murghi Massala (includes some mince meat in the sauce), Chicken Tikka Moricha (cooked with chilli pickle)
Lamb Shatkora (lamb with limes).   Side dishes were good too - tomato and aubergine was unusual and tasty, three types of naan, dhal and three types of rice.  It was a very good meal, with contrasting flavours, and enjoyed by us all. 

Next door to Chilli Night is something we haven't seen in Haslemere before - a brand new 'Indian'  shop with a range of unusual pickles, spices and ingredients.  It's also a general convenience store, offering newspapers, drinks and conventional groceries. 

The Christmas meeting will be held in Petersfield, and should be on Tuesday 8th subject to table availability.

Monday 2 November 2015

November - Chilli Nights, Haslemere

The table is booked!  Our November meeting will take place on Tuesday 10th at Chilli Night, Weyhill, Haslemere.  Because there's a shortage of decent pubs nearby, the table is booked at the restaurant for aperitifs from 19:00, and we'll eat at 20:00. The restaurant is about five minutes' walk from Haslemere station, and there's plenty of parking nearby, including the free area off St Christoper's Road turn off the main road beside Shahanaz.

Chilli Night produces some delicious food, as we found on our visit in January.  Here's the review of that visit.  Though attendance was slightly disappointing, with only 9 showing up, we had a thoroughly good evening and those that couldn't make it up the A3 from Petersfield missed a good one.

Because I've been away from my PC on Rugby World Cup duty, this notice is a few days later than intended.  Please let me know as soon as possible whether you'll be there, either using the feedback page on our website or in response to the mail notice sent to members.

Looking forward to a great evening with some not so chilly food!

Tuesday 6 October 2015

October - Madhuban!

The table is booked!  October sees us return to Liss; somehow we haven't made it there since November last year, and this is a long overdue visit.  Aperitifs will be at the Whistle Stop from about 19:30, and then dinner is at the Madhuban Tandoori at 20:30.   Madhuban is, in my opinion, the outstanding 'Indian'  restaurant in our area, and this should be a great evening.

We've booked for 10 places, but can increase if we give some notice - so please let me know as soon as possible using the feedback page on the website or by reply to the members' notice e-mail whether you'll be there or not.  If you want to go straight to the restaurant and skip the pub, please also let me know.  Due to rehearsals, I'll probably miss this one (sadly) and have to ask for volunteers to organise on the evening.  Have a good one!

The Whistle Stop is actually where Tesco Express is shown on the embedded Google Map - about 5 minutes'  walk from Madhuban:

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Grayshott - Tuesday 8th September

As we leave behind the rains of August, I'm hoping that September will give us some decent weather for the opening of the Rugby World Cup which all kicks off at Twickenham on Friday 18th with the hosts playing against Fiji.

Our meeting this month will be in Grayshott on Tuesday 8th, with dinner at the slightly earlier time of 20:00.  The table is booked at the Bay Leaf which offers some delicious and interesting Indian and Nepali variations, including a chilli chicken stir fry which is one of my favourites when we go there after Friday night beers.  Aperitifs will be at the Fox and Pelican (Fullers) from about 19:00. 

Please let me know if you expect to be there, using either the feedback page on the web site or by reply to the members' e-mail.   Looking forward to a great evening!

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Monday 3 August 2015

August meeting - Wed 12th - Paradise Balti

The table is booked - Paradise Balti is our venue for August.  On Wednesday 12th, aperitifs will be at The George from 19:30 and then dinner is at 20:30 at the Paradise.

Please let us know if you'll be able to attend, using either the web site feedback page or by reply to the e-mail notice to members. 

As mentioned in the review on our blog ('Great Tuesday Evening') the September meeting will be on Tuesday 8th in Grayshott, when we get to visit the Bay Leaf again.

The web master is away on Wednesday 12th Aug so there will be another organiser on the night.  Have a good one!

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Great Tuesday evening

Instead of sticking rigidly to our 'second Wednesday 20:30' schedule, we've decided to experiment with some meetings on Tuesdays and different starting times.  July's Curry Club meeting was the first time that we tried this,  and we chose the Malabon in Petersfield as our venue.   

We were welcomed warmly and then enjoyed papadums with pickles, followed by a mixed starter of chicken chat, onion bhaji and dhal puri. As usual, we left the choice of dishes to the restaurant. After all, they're the experts and know what tastes best. They didn't disappoint.

Main courses included
  • Ghosht lajawal (mild lamb curry)
  • Panch mela (five vegetables)
  • Rajeshwari chicken (medium hot)
  • Madras suba (mixed vegetable curry)
  • Chicken Naga: a subtle naga chilli taste made for a delicious curry without uncomfortable burn to the tongue
  • Ghosht Katter, a fairly spicy lamb and chana dhal dish, was served as an additional main course and greatly enjoyed
The side dishes were plain and garlic naans, and pilau and mushroom rice. This was a very good meal which really suited our members - nothing bland, plenty of assertive flavours without uncomfortable heat. Even our hot chilli expert was satisfied, and that's a sign that Malabon is producing some brilliant flavours. We'll go again soon.

The plan for the summer is to try 19:00 aperitifs and 20:00 dinner for both of the next two meetings:
  • August: Wednesday 12th at Paradise Balti (aperitifs at the Drum if the refurbishment is complete, otherwise at the George) 
  • September: Tuesday 8th at Bay Leaf, Grayshott (aperitifs at the Fox and Pelican)
(Parts of this review have also been submitted to TripAdvisor)

Monday 29 June 2015

July meeting - TUESday 7th - Malabon!

Thank you to everyone that took part in the survey - it's been really helpful to have your opinions about the day of the week and timing for our future meetings.  The key results are:

1) A mix of Tuesday and Wednesday meetings was top preference for over half of the members that responded, and the second preference for everyone else; a small number prefer Wednesday only and a similar number, Tuesday only. 

2) Almost everyone prefers to go to the pub for aperitifs;  there was a very small lead for 18:30 over 19:30 (our usual timing).

So it's time for the experiment - we'll try a Tuesday meeting.  The table is booked!  Dinner is at Malabon at 19:30 on Tuesday 7th July.  Aperitifs will be at the Red Lion from about 18:30.  As this is a new departure - we've stuck firmly to the 2nd Wednesday for many years - please help by letting me know as soon as possible if you expect to be there, either for aperitifs or straight to the restaurant.   You can do this through the feedback page of the website or in response to the members' e-mail notice. 

Looking forward to seeing as many as possible on Tuesday 7th!

Monday 8 June 2015

Spice Lounge again on 10th June! And a survey...

We had a small turnout for the May meeting, but we were well looked-after and food was very good and plentiful.  The five that attended decided that it was well worth a revisit in June, so that's the venue.  The table is booked!  The Old Drum is closed for refurbishment;  aperitifs will again be taken at the George.

Once again, I'll ask the John and Fiona to be the organisers on the evening.  Wednesday commitments are making it impossible for me to attend as often as I'd like, and other members have the same issue.  There's also been feedback that 20:30 is a late time for dinner and some suggestions that it should be moved earlier.

Members are asked therefore please  to fill out our short (three question) survey that I've put together using SurveyMonkey.  I'll send a link to it with the June meeting notice.  Please also let me know a.s.a.p. whether you plan to attend the June meeting on Wednesday 10th: aperitifs at the George from 19:30, dinner at Spice Lounge at 20:30.  You can use the feedback page on the website or reply to the e-mail to let me know if you'll be at the meeting. 

Wednesday 6 May 2015

May meeting - Wed 13th - Spice Lounge

The table is booked!  May's venue is the Spice Lounge, and for aperitifs, we've chosen to go to The George this time.  Drinks are from 19:30 and dinner will be at 20:30 as usual.

We usually order kulchi lamb when we visit Spice Lounge, but this had a mixed reception last time.  It needs to be ordered in advance, so if we have at least eight attending that also say they want it, I'll let the restaurant know.  Members, please let me know using the web site feedback page whether you'll be there, and if you want kulchi lamb or not.  Alternatively, please let me know in answer to our e-mail notice.   

I'll be away so someone else will be organising on the night - have a great evening!

Apologies to members who received an e-mail headed May meeting - Wed 12th.  Of course, it's 13th. 

Wednesday 1 April 2015

April 8th - Grayshott

The table is booked!  Our April meeting will be at the Gurkha Durbar, Headley Road, Grayshott on Wednesday 8th.  Aperitifs will be at the Fox and Pelican from about 19:30 and then dinner will be at 20:30.

Next week is Easter Week, so we realise that some people may be away on holiday.  To make sure that we're not embarrassed on numbers (too few or too many), please let me know whether you expect to make it or not, either in reply to the members' e-mail or through the feedback page of our web site.  I've eaten at the Gurkha Durbar several times in the last 12 months and thoroughly enjoyed it each time; looking forward to a great evening!


Thursday 5 March 2015

March - Paradise

The table is booked - the March meeting will be at Paradise Balti, Lavant Street, Petersfield on Wed 11th.  Aperitifs will be at the Old Drum from about 19:30 and then dinner is at 20:30. 

We decided to go for another Petersfield meeting after a very successful night at the Malabon in February.  We plan to hold the April meeting in Grayshott.

As usual, we need to have as good an idea of numbers as possible.  Members are asked please to let us know whether you expect to make it or not to the meeting, either by replying to the e-mail notice or alternatively using the feedback page of the web site.

Your webmaster will be away - another member will be organising on the night.  Best wishes for a great evening!  

Wednesday 4 February 2015

February - Malabon

The table is booked!  By popular demand, we'll be at Malabon in Petersfield for the February meeting, which takes place on Wednesday 11th. We've switched the venue for reasons of accessibility; aperitifs will now be at the Red Lion, from about 19:30, and then dinner will be at Malabon at 20:30.

Downstairs space at the restaurant is fairly restricted, so we need a good idea of numbers.  Members, please let me know either in reply to the monthly e-mail or through the feedback page of the website whether you expect to make it or not.  Sorry to miss this one because I've had a couple of really good meals there recently, one of which included the subtle flavouring of naga chilli.  Nick and Peter will be the organisers on the night, and I'll pass names on to them.   Enjoy!

Thursday 15 January 2015

Chilli Night(s) - not so chilly

We returned to Chilli Night(s) in Haslemere for our January meeting.  This was the first Curry Club visit since 2008, as we failed to raise a quorum in November 2013; in the interim, I've been there on several occasions after beer-related activities, and it's never failed to please me.   We changed our routine this time to have our pre-dinner drinks at the restaurant, rather than one of the local pubs, and everyone agreed that this was a good decision.  The restaurant gave us a friendly welcome, and we had plenty of time to relax without the need for a long trek just before dinner.   Turnout was lower than average, probably due to the distance from Petersfield. 

As is our custom, the choice of dishes was left to the restaurant.  We weren't disappointed.  Starters were unusual off-menu items: spicy tandoor-cooked ayre fish, a spicy lentil patty similar in shape to a small burger, and a small puri made with naan flour and filled with spiced kofta-like minced meat.  All were delicious, and because we hadn't filled up first on papadums, we had plenty of appetite for the main courses that followed.

The main courses were more familiar but still very good: two sauced main dishes and two served with salad.  A rich lamb dhansak and a chicken bhuna were both extremely tasty, well-spiced and appreciated by all.  The garlic chilli chicken was lively - one of us needed emergency water and lager after encountering some of the chilli in the dish.  There also seemed to be a hint of Scotch Bonnet or naga-type chillis.  The final main dish was comprised breaded chicken strips - looked a little like octopus.  For me this was the least exciting of the four, probably because I didn't spot the sauce in a dish at the middle of the salver.  But I did enjoy the dhal, the naans - plain, garlic and keema, and the pilau and spinach rice that were served as side dishes.  Kingfisher on draught, Cobra in bottles, and a decent red wine were appreciated by all (except the drivers).
Going by the menu, the drinks list, the bill and the phone book, it's Chilli Night.  It's only Chilli Nights on the sign outside.   But whatever you call it, we had a great evening and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Those that couldn't make it up the A3 missed a good one.  

Address: 64 Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1HN
Phone: 01428 644288

Monday 5 January 2015

Chilli Night(s)!

Happy New Year, and the table is booked for Petersfield Curry Club's first event of 2015!  January will see our return after a Curry Club gap of (would you believe it?) six years to one of my favourite restaurants, Chilli Night or Nights in Weyhill, Haslemere.  Since we were last there, the pub situation hasn't improved - the Crown and Cushion is now a set of flats; the Red Lion has been the Inn on the Green and the latest Google StreetView pictures show it as the Apple Tree.

So to keep things sensible, we're going to meet at the restaurant for aperitifs from 19:30, and then dinner will be at 20:30 as usual.  Members - please let me know through the feedback page of the website, or by reply to the e-mail notice, whether you expect to make it or not.  Chilli Night(s) serves wonderful food but doesn't have a huge number of covers - we need to let them know how many we will fill, and not over- or under- promise on our booking.

Why the confusion over Chilli Night or Nights?   The logo says one thing but the sign outside says more!  Whatever, it's never failed to produce exciting food.

Details: the restaurant is on Weyhill, Haslemere, about 6 minutes' walk from the station.  There's parking on the street outside,  but when that's full, there's a free public car park at the fairground, just off St Christopher's Road.  A search on Google Maps suggests that the Curry Club (founder Pat Chapman, author of the Good Curry Guide) is located just over the road from that car park!

Looking forward to a great evening on 14th!