Friday 5 September 2014

September meeting - Paradise Balti, Petersfield

The table is booked!  Paradise Balti looks forward to welcoming us on Wednesday 10th September; dinner is at 20:30, and aperitifs will be taken in the Old Drum from about 19:30.  John and Fiona will be the  organisers on the evening, as your webmaster will be otherwise engaged. 

We had a great meeting in August, when we visited the Gurkha Durbar in Grayshott.  The turnout was a record for August and the food proved it a good choice of venue.  The mixed starters were delicious, and the traditional lamb and chicken curries were absolutely superb.  In the end, despite a great turnout, there was more than we could eat, and one lucky member took home a doggy bag that sustained him for several days while his wife was away 'Up North'.  We noticed that the restaurant didn't offer papadums.  Too often, these do just enough to blunt the appetite, which can be a terrible shame.  Shock horror, with so much excellent food available, we didn't need them. A great time was had by all. 

Members will receive the usual e-mail so please respond to that or use the feedback page on the web site to let us have numbers.  Have a great evening!