Monday 31 December 2012

December meeting - Spice Lounge!

Petersfield Curry Club's December meeting took place at the Spice Lounge, on Wednesday 12th. We had our best turnout of the year for the occasion.  The group enjoyed several beers or glasses of wine at The Old Square Brewery, before taking the short walk to the restaurant, just as the pub's evening enterntainment was doing its sound check and conversation became difficult.

Spice Lounge is clearly doing well at the moment, because the place was full.  There was another full long table next to ours in the extra (overflow) room on the far side of the stairs, and everyone seemed to be having a very good time.  We feared that being so busy would mean slow service, but once the initial drinks were ordered, it all went pretty smoothly. 

The restaurant laid on a mixed starter of sheek and shami kebab, chicken tikki, and onion bhaji, and then the main courses were headlined by the special order Kulchi Lamb, our big favourite for this restaurant.  It's a whole leg of lamb that's marinated for about a day and then very slow-cooked with spices, basted periodically.  The other dishes included more familiar fare, including CTM (not too mild), chicken balti, chicken dhansak, and some other unusual dishes: chicken pura murchi (cumin, fennel), achari lamb (lime and ginger), honey chicken and king prawn delight.  Side dishes included special and pilau rice, naans, dhal, and vegetables.

This was quite a feast, and the lamb went far enough to provide a takeaway for one of our members who was unwell and unable to make the evening.  We wish him a rapid recovery and all our members a happy and prosperous 2013.