Friday, 5 September 2014

September meeting - Paradise Balti, Petersfield

The table is booked!  Paradise Balti looks forward to welcoming us on Wednesday 10th September; dinner is at 20:30, and aperitifs will be taken in the Old Drum from about 19:30.  John and Fiona will be the  organisers on the evening, as your webmaster will be otherwise engaged. 

We had a great meeting in August, when we visited the Gurkha Durbar in Grayshott.  The turnout was a record for August and the food proved it a good choice of venue.  The mixed starters were delicious, and the traditional lamb and chicken curries were absolutely superb.  In the end, despite a great turnout, there was more than we could eat, and one lucky member took home a doggy bag that sustained him for several days while his wife was away 'Up North'.  We noticed that the restaurant didn't offer papadums.  Too often, these do just enough to blunt the appetite, which can be a terrible shame.  Shock horror, with so much excellent food available, we didn't need them. A great time was had by all. 

Members will receive the usual e-mail so please respond to that or use the feedback page on the web site to let us have numbers.  Have a great evening!

Monday, 28 July 2014

August meeting - Grayshott - Gurkha Durbar

The table is booked!  After two meetings in Petersfield, we return to Grayshott on Wednesday 13th August, this time to the Gurkha Durbar.  I've eaten there several times recently and really enjoyed the food and the welcome on each occasion.  We'll meet for aperitifs at the Fox and Pelican at about 19:30; if the weather's good, we can enjoy a drink or two outside.  Dinner is booked for 20:30 - the restaurant is just 100 yards away. 

Members will receive an e-mail notice, so  please let me know whether or not you expect to be there.  This is the holiday season, so absences won't be a big surprise, but we still need to give the restaurant a decent idea of the number expected.  Please reply to the e-mail as soon as possible or use the response form on our web site.

Looking forward to a great evening on 13th, and for those taking holidays, hope the weather is just as you like it. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wed 9th July - Malabon again!

Attendance at the June meeting at Malabon was a small but select bunch, and thank you to John and Fiona for organising. They all enjoyed themselves so much that they decided we all deserve to try it. Rumours of a touch of naga in one of the dishes need to be checked out! So the table is booked, and we reconvene at Malabon, Dragon Street, Petersfield at 20:30 on Wednesday 9th July. Aperitifs will be at the Red Dragon from about 19:30.

The usual notices apply: please confirm by e-mail or through our web site's feedback page.

Looking forward to a great evening on the 9th!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Malabon - 11th June

The table is booked!  The June meeting will be in Petersfield on Wednesday 11th.  Aperitifs are at the Red Lion from about 19:30 and then dinner is booked at Malabon at 20:30. 

I'm sorry that I can't be there on 11th, but John and Fiona have kindly agreed to be your organisers for the evening.   As usual, please let me know whether or not you expect to make it, and then I'll pass on final expected numbers to them; please respond to the e-mail meeting notice or use the feedback page on our website,

Malabon has given us some very enjoyable evenings and excellent food, so it should be a good meeting.   Enjoy!

Monday, 28 April 2014

May meeting - Bay Leaf, Grayshott - Wed 14th

The table is booked!  On Wednesday 14th, we'll be visiting the excellent Bay Leaf restaurant in Grayshott.  Aperitifs will be just over the road at the Fox and Pelican from 19:30 and then dinner is ordered for 20:30 precisely.

I've taken on board the comments about late evenings.  Some members suggested that we start earlier, but that squeezes the meet-up and the chance for everyone to have a chat before dinner.   The big problem at some restaurants seems to be slow service and a lack of preparedness, even though they were briefed and were well staffed.  There was one recently where we didn't have the main course until well  after 21:30, by which time it was all beginning to seem a fairly bad idea to be there.

The plan from here on is that we will ask each restaurant to be ready to serve a starter within 15-20 minutes of arrival and main courses within 35-40, which means that we should usually be finished by 22:00 - 22:15.   I hope that's early enough for our members and that we can make sure that restaurants fit with this timetable. 

Clearly, we can help the restaurants by getting our numbers right, so please let me know if you expect to be there or not be there.    Please reply to the e-mail that goes to our mailing list or sign up through our web site feedback page.

Looking forward to a great evening on Wednesday 14th.

PS: for those that are driving, there's plenty of parking opposite the restaurant at Headley Road car park, and next to the pub: