Monday, 31 July 2017

Madhuban - Wednesday 9th

The table is booked and confirmed!  August's Petersfield Curry Club meeting will be at Madhuban on Wednesday 9th.  We'll meet for aperitifs at the Spread Eagle from about 19:30 and then enjoy a short drive or stroll (weather permitting) up to the restaurant for dinner at 20:30. 

Please let me know either using the feedback page on the website or in reply to the notice sent to members whether you expect to make it or not.  To help plan, it would be helpful to hear by Monday night (7th).

I'm looking forward to this visit - Madhuban always impress with their fine cooking and attention to detail, as well as a friendly welcome.  Hope to see as many as possible next Wednesday.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Summer times!

In a flash of untypical efficiency (well, it was by accident really) the tables are already booked for both July and August.  Please note that both of these meetings will be on Wednesdays. 

In July, we're going to Paradise Balti on Wednesday 12th; aperitifs will be at the Old Drum from about 19:30.  Dinner is booked for 20:30.    John and Fi will be your organisers on the evening; please let us know whether or not you expect to be there, ideally by Tuesday evening, so that we can help the restaurant to set up the right number of places.  You can use the feedback page on the web site or reply to the e-mail sent to members, but please let us know!

In August, we'll be going to Madhuban on Wednesday 9th.  That's one to put in your diary if you haven't already, but a separate notice will be sent nearer the date. 

Have a great evening!

Monday, 5 June 2017

Bay Leaf - Tuesday 13th June!

By popular demand, we're back in Grayshott in June to visit the Bayleaf.  The table is booked, in fact it has been for over two weeks.  Some of our Friday 'early beers' crowd arrived rather late in the evening for late beers and a curry.  The food was excellent, one beer would have been enough, and my head was a little sore the next day.

We'll meet as usual at the Fox and Pelican for aperitifs from about 19:30 and then dinner is booked for 20:30.  Please sign up using the form on our web site or mail back in answer to the e-mail notice that will be sent to members.  Looking forward to a great evening, interesting and tasty food, and some good fun.  

July: meeting on Wednesday 12th - the plan is to return to the Paradise Balti in sunny Petersfield. 

Directions: Parking is easy in Grayshott - the Headley Road car park, the pub and the restaurant are all within 100 yards of each other. I wish it was so easy to embed a Google map in a Google (Blogger) posting but this seems to keep switching to one of the local estate agents.  I'm not sure whether this is aggressive marketing or bad technology but either way, it's a pain in the backside.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday 9th May - Malabon

The table is booked! This month our venue is Malabon, in Petersfield, for our meeting on Tuesday 9th.  We'll assemble at the Red Lion for aperitifs from about 19:30 and then dinner will be at 20:30.

Space is limited so I need to hear from members as soon as possible whether you plan to be there or not - ideally no later than Sunday night but the earlier the better.  You can reply to the members' e-mail notice which will be sent out soon after this blog post or instead use the feedback form on the web site.

Mysteriously, probably my mistake, the meeting notice here on Blogger for April went missing.  I've now reinstated it, including the review of the visit to Spice Lounge.  Moving on from that, we had an enjoyable evening in Grayshott, with a couple of pints in the Fox and Pelican before dinner at the Gurkha Durbar.  Some parts of the menu stood out - the Bombay potatoes in the starter and hot lamb curry were excellent, but all tastes were satisfied, with a selection of hot and medium chicken and lamb dishes as well as vegetable sides.  We'll have another visit to the northern end of our range soon, either in Haslemere or Grayshott. 

But for now, I'm looking forward to our next meeting in Petersfield and enjoying Malabon's tasty cooking on Tuesday 9th. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

12th April - Gurkha Durbar, Grayshott

The table is booked!  Our April meeting takes place in Grayshott on Wednesday 12th at the Gurkha Durbar.  Aperitifs will be at the Fox and Pelican from about 19:30, and then dinner is booked for 20:30 just up the road.  The Gurkha Durbar focuses on Nepalese food and has some delicacies that you don't find so often elsewhere, including choila, the delicious char-grilled lamb starter.

We need to give the restaurant as good an estimate of numbers as possible by Tuesday but an early reply is very helpful.  Note - this is a Wednesday booking, our first of the year, instead of the Tuesdays that we've been 'trying out' increasingly often since mid 2015.  Please reply to the e-mail notice sent to members or use the feedback form on our web site.  There's lots of parking in Grayshott including at the F&P, and three public car parks, as well as on the street.

A little report from our foray to Spice Lounge: the kulchi lamb was exceptional; the picture on the right gives an idea of the impressive presentation of the second leg that arrived after the first had been demolished.  We again thought the spicy version of kulchi lamb was tremendous - just enough to tickle the taste buds and make it a delicious variant on what can otherwise seem a little bland.

We'd had some late drop-outs, and there was too much for seven of us to eat; some of us had doggy bags to take away.  I can testify that the cold lamb made delicious lunchtime sandwiches for the rest of the week and also went extremely well with couscous for supper one evening.  They earned a Good review on TripAdvisor - well deserved.

Looking forward to a great evening on Wednesday 12th!