Thursday 7 September 2023


Restaurant pictureSpice Lounge in September!

The table is booked!  We had a great time at Dilli in Haslemere in August, and we thought we'd head back to Petersfield in September.  Although we went to the Spice Lounge in January, we're looking forward to another visit.  So please note: Tuesday 12th

We won't ask for the kulchi lamb this time - that's something that I just couldn't sort out over the phone without knowing numbers, but maybe we can plan ahead next time. 

I'm going to ask for feedback whether we should do more Wednesdays - at the moment the majority of our meetings are Tuesdays, like this one. 

Aperitifs will be at the Old Drum from about 7 pm and then dinner will be at 8.  Please let me know either by e-mail in response to this members' meeting notice or using the feedback page on our web site whether you expect to make it. 

Let's look forward to a great evening on Tuesday 12th!

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