Friday 29 June 2007

Kutis - Wickham

Southampton's most renowned Bangladeshi has spread its wings to Wickham. New venture opened for 2007. Walking in on Wednesday followed by watery sunshine my mate Tim and I found it full. However, though there was still floor space to fill Management have resisted the urge to cram umpteen covers into the plush purple interior.

The PLACE appears fairly large from the outside, a great cream pub like building, even wooden tables outside. Perhaps there's a great big kitchen, perhaps why a beaming chef stood in the divide with the dining area absorbing the buzz. Smiling waiters in black, gold suits whisked to and fro serving throng of cheery customers - Many Happy Returns Alistair (extended to 50 year old who's birthday you share)! Proper SERVICE btw for which no charge is demanded though you'd be loath not to.

PRICES are about right too, except for mediocre pilau at £3.50! Overall spent £25.

Folded poppadoms and dips, onion salad studded with carrot. Lamb tikka marinated in a ginger and cheese, succulent, warm, syrupy and sour, earthy undertones of ground coriander. Achari murgh, great hunks of chicken taken off the bone in a hot brown red sauce with whole red chillies, lime leaves and pickling spices giving a sharp sweet aftertaste. Smoky, fairly dry masala of chic peas, shallots. A glass of house white, full and mellow redolent of apples. All the dish, save rice, tasted gorgeous, FOOD lovely.

Menu varied, full of unusual dishes as well as original takes on the familiar. Certainly a rival to Shapla 10 miles further north and worth the journey.

Willp2328 score: 8/10

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