Thursday 26 July 2007

August meeting - Midhurst

The table is booked! The Petersfield Curry Club's August meeting will take place on Wednesday 15th, at Khan's Brasserie, 135 North Street, Midhurst. Aperitifs will be taken at the Wheatsheaf, near the top of North Street, about five minutes' walk from the restaurant. The entrance to the central car park is immediately opposite the restaurant - lots of space there, and free parking.

Some friends and I did a reconnaissance trip last night (25th July). The Wheatsheaf is great, serves Tanglefoot and Badger, but look out for the low flying woodwork if you're over 6 feet. Khan's was quiet (wet Wednesday evening) but the food was perfectly OK. We had three starters - chicken chat, tandoori lamb, and onion bhajis. The bhajis were actually some of the best I've tasted - freshly made, hot, light, very tasty; not stale or stodgy. Main courses were jeera chicken, lamb tikka balti, and chicken jalfrezi - all fine.

So that's the plan for August - please let me know if possible through the feedback page on the web site rather than by e-mail. This is because the spam level is getting stupid and I may - very soon - disable the usual address. Not until I've made the web site send its mail somewhere else.

All the best for what remains of the summer...

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