Tuesday 9 October 2007

Reminder - October meeting - Grayshott

Just a quick update to remind members that the October meeting will be at the Gurkha Durbar in Grayshott on Wednesday 10th. Drinks from 19:30 at the Fox and Pelican, and then dinner from about 20:30. There may be some afters at the Grayshott Social Club.

Not sure why this is, but lots of people seem to be away - maybe to escape the Autumn weather. If you're lurking in Paris for the Rugby World Cup semi-final, you have a decent excuse, and I am very jealous. Come on England! Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!

I've had only four positive replies to the monthly e-mail and am starting to be very nervous that we'll have a poor showing for this very fine restaurant. If you're planning to come (or not), an e-mail would still be very welcome. contact@... or webmaster@... - either will do.


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