Thursday 21 August 2008

Viva Chautari!

The Gurkha Chautari is the place to eat out in the Petersfield-Haslemere area right now! The largely Nepalese fare eminating from the Kitchen is tremendous, I can't say more, except that there's always plenty of it to saciate even the most rapacious diner. Moreover, the level of service is excellent. 'Chautari' roughly translates as 'place of rest' and one is made to feel very much at home, especially when the accomodating prices are considered. Everyone involved in their success deserves a medal (including me). So...

Cue: drum roll
'Ladies and Gentlemen'
'Madames et Monsieurs'

...The completely unofficial, unauthorised GOLD goes to
(repeated in 3 different languages)

...the Gurkha Chautari!
Cue: Nepali National Anthem

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