Monday 17 November 2008

Mirchi Masala - London, E1

Now a 6 strong London chain of fast food cafe outlets dispensing fresh and flavourful North Indian fare, the restaurant interiors resemble Macdonalds, at least the Commercial Road branch does (though the similarities end there). No spotty, pizza faced teenagers serving, no shouty jeenagers eating, service quick, polite and efficient.

This time I enjoyed Methi Chicken, bitter with cloves, fiery with black peppercorns and filling, Masala Baigan, a gorgeous, treacley vegetable mush and pilau rice - lacking aroma - but pleasantly moist nonetheless.

For a quick fix, the restaurants are ideal; they offer all the romance of an airport lounge. Prices aren't as bangla for your buck as one might assume, equally one won't feel forced to buy the credit-crunch busting Daily Star next morning, to 'read' or use as toilet paper. Mirchi Masala is reliable. Certainty is fast becoming a comodity worth buying into.


Willp2328 score: 7/10

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