Wednesday 10 December 2008

Spice Lounge, Petersfield

Great food, thin turnout: 10 main dishes for 10 people - achari lamb, lamb shatkoora, Gurkha chicken (not quite as tasted in Liphook or Grayshott), (ayre) fish bhuna, prawn balti, garlic chilli chicken, chicken jalfrezi, hot prawn dhansak, chicken chilli massala, and one more that didn't make it to my end of the table.

Spice Lounge were very hospitable, we had a great evening, the food was good - just fewer attended than we might have expected for a Petersfield venue. Maybe too many of us were credit crunched. This was our lowest December turnout since 2003 when only seven made it to the pre-rebuilding Madhuban.

Christmas is coming - do your online shopping

Some good news: Amazon shopping paid off. £10 went into the kitty from earnings from our Amazon shop, based on purchases in September. You can click here for the Petersfield Curry Club shop or if you look to the right of this blog, you'll see an Amazon advert. If you click through either of these on and then buy something (books, electronics, DVDs, CDs, etc.), you should earn some commission for the Petersfield Curry Club. This can make the drinks bill look a little better in three months time - whatever Gordon Brown fouls up next while trying "to save the world" (as he foolishly boasted at today's Prime Minister's Questions).

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