Saturday 22 August 2009

Rasa N16 - Stoke Newington

Leaving a week between eating at/reviewing a restaurant can develop perspective, and allow for a little revisionism. However, my impression of Rasa N16, billed as London's finest vegetarian sub-continental, has not altered greatly since Thor's day before last.

Val and I left very content*, full of wholesome South Indian homestyle cooking. The pre-meal snacks, chutneys (rich garlic, sour mango, astringent mixed vegetable, light, fresh coriander), and assorted poppadoms, banana chips, crunchy murukku, did more than stimulate the appetite. Starters of meltingly sweet plantains in a light batter, as well as Idli - steamed lentil buns with a stewy veg curry - kept up the eager anticipation.

The main events: Rasa Kayi, a spicy bean carrot, cauliflower and potato dish with a lovely undertone of fennel, tangy, mustard flavoured Okra and a rich, nutty ochre yellow daal, accompanied by sweet rice pancakes (Acchapam), as well as coconut and tart tamarind rice completed an eclectic and well balanced meal.

It gets busy, mostly with young Americans, and service, while polite and smiley is fast (veg takes little effort to cook - right?), but later in the evening or earlier in the week, it could be the ideal venue. Super VFM too.

High marks!

*albeit with a craving for Apple Crumble...(?)

FOOD (&DRINK): 4/5
VALUE: 5/5

willp2328 score: 8/10

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