Monday 19 October 2009

October meeting report - Malabon, Petersfield

It was a first visit for most of us to Malabon, and as usual we asked them to choose the menu for us - which may have come as a surprise to them.

They did very well - a simple starter and then lamb curry (Gosht Lajawaab, marinated in spices & yogurt, cooked with cinnamon & coriander), a green chicken curry (from Goa), a king prawn special, and Radeshwari chicken (medium hot with tomatoes, chili and garlic). Side dishes included mushrooms, vegetable curry, naans and rice. This was a pretty good spread of food - loads of flavour - and we all enjoyed it.

Petersfield isn't a big place, so it's lucky to have three decent Indian restaurants. Malabon passsed the test, and will certainly be seeing us again soon.

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