Wednesday 6 January 2010

January meeting - Dhanmondi - Whitehill

The table is booked! We kick off the new decade with a visit to Whitehill and the friendly and enjoyable Dhanmondi restaurant on Wednesday 13th January. We liked it last year, and they're looking forward to our visit. The snow should have melted by then, and Petersfield should no longer feature in the national news - good reasons to enjoy a Curry Club evening.

For more details, see our previous reviews

Please let me know whether or not you expect to make it. I'll pass the details on to the organiser for the evening (I won't be able to be there). Have a good one!

Aperitifs at: The Woodlark from about 19:30 - or earlier at Foggys

Dinner at: Dhanmondi, Whitehill from 20:30

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