Wednesday 17 November 2010

December - Spice Lounge, Petersfield

The table is booked!  The December meeting will be at Spice Lounge, Petersfield, on Wednesday 8th.  The majority have decided to meet for drinks at the Red Lion from 19:30, but of course if others want to meet at the Old Square Brewery, that's no problem.  Please though let us know if you're coming to dinner.  Dinner will be at 20:30.

We've had some interesting comments about the reasons for lower attendances, but we had quite a good number at the November meeting.  This took place at the Paradise Balti House, Lavant Street, and the feedback is that "the meal  was excellent and the service was also great."  The kitty and the shareout of the drinks bill are the two areas where changes were tried, and seem to have worked well to keep the bill within acceptable levels, and better fitted to individual needs.  

We hope the December/pre-Christmas meeting will be well attended, so please let us know by e-mail or using the "I'm coming to the meeting " button on our feedback page.

Mentioning Christmas, you can find a selection of books about Indian food on our Amazon shop page, as well as links to many of the other fantastic present ideas that Amazon can offer.  Shopping here can make money for the Curry Club kitty (and we've drunk the proceeds in the past), so it's quite a smart idea to use this as your portal to Amazon shopping.

Here's wishing all readers a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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