Monday 2 November 2015

November - Chilli Nights, Haslemere

The table is booked!  Our November meeting will take place on Tuesday 10th at Chilli Night, Weyhill, Haslemere.  Because there's a shortage of decent pubs nearby, the table is booked at the restaurant for aperitifs from 19:00, and we'll eat at 20:00. The restaurant is about five minutes' walk from Haslemere station, and there's plenty of parking nearby, including the free area off St Christoper's Road turn off the main road beside Shahanaz.

Chilli Night produces some delicious food, as we found on our visit in January.  Here's the review of that visit.  Though attendance was slightly disappointing, with only 9 showing up, we had a thoroughly good evening and those that couldn't make it up the A3 from Petersfield missed a good one.

Because I've been away from my PC on Rugby World Cup duty, this notice is a few days later than intended.  Please let me know as soon as possible whether you'll be there, either using the feedback page on our website or in response to the mail notice sent to members.

Looking forward to a great evening with some not so chilly food!

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