Monday 4 January 2016

Wed 13th January - Paradise Balti

The table is booked - we start the New Year with a visit to Paradise Balti, on Wednesday 13th Jan.   Aperitifs will be at the Old Drum from about 19:30 and then dinner is over the road at the Paradise at 20:30.  

This was a very popular venue in August - our joint top attendance of the year - so please members, please let me know if you expect to be there, either using the feedback page on the web site or in response to the e-mail notice,  when I manage to send it out.  The process has been completely messed up by an upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 and iCloud for my phone.  The Curry Club contact group has fallen down a crack between these two and I may have to rebuild it from scratch before sending out any more mails.  Or use MailChimp instead. 

I'll be asking for a volunteer to host the meeting on the night, but wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year, and a most enjoyable evening on the 13th. 

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