Tuesday 14 February 2017

Dhanmondi - Tue 21st February

The table is booked at last!  As we thought that restaurants would be full on Valentine's Night, we decided to postpone the February meeting to Tuesday 21st. 

We're returning to Dhanmondi in Whitehill, our 12th visit to this venue.  It's often been our February choice since we first discovered it in 2006.   Thank you to the members that contacted me to why they'd heard nothing.  I planned to book on Sunday, missed the chance, then they were closed last night, so that's why this announcement is later than usual. 

Aperitifs will be at the Woodlark, a Marstons pub just 150 yards away on the other side of the A325 from about 19:30.  I'm interested to see if they have a good range of the excellent Marstons bottled beers on sale - last time the choice was minimal.  Dinner will be at 20:30.   There's a map below or you can follow this Google Maps link for map and directions.  Parking is at the back of the restaurant. 

Please let me know if you plan to be there, either using the feedback page on the web site or in reply to the MailChimp message which will be sent to members. Looking forward to a good evening on 21st!

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