Thursday 29 June 2017

Summer times!

In a flash of untypical efficiency (well, it was by accident really) the tables are already booked for both July and August.  Please note that both of these meetings will be on Wednesdays. 

In July, we're going to Paradise Balti on Wednesday 12th; aperitifs will be at the Old Drum from about 19:30.  Dinner is booked for 20:30.    John and Fi will be your organisers on the evening; please let us know whether or not you expect to be there, ideally by Tuesday evening, so that we can help the restaurant to set up the right number of places.  You can use the feedback page on the web site or reply to the e-mail sent to members, but please let us know!

In August, we'll be going to Madhuban on Wednesday 9th.  That's one to put in your diary if you haven't already, but a separate notice will be sent nearer the date. 

Have a great evening!

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