Wednesday 26 September 2007

Kuti's Brasserie - Southampton

Its hard to miss Kutis Brasserie on Oxford Street, near the Sunseeker Ocean Village marina. WW2 German bombers didn’t. The PLACE is in a sixties pre fab, could be Carnaby Street but has been spruced up, silver, pink and purple. Saturday night and despite another defeat for Southampton FC there was a cheerful buzz about it. Turbaned door man let us in and quickly shown to table in the surprisingly commodious dining room.

SERVICE was good, waiters very eager – we were served by several different ones and asked same questions but they didn’t rush us. Allowed to consult the menu in good time, PRICES are okay, not ridiculous, bill £47, nibbles, 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 veg, 1 naan, 1 rice, 2 cobras.

After run of the mill poppadoms I was well ready for some FOOD in form of Achari Tikka, sizeable chunks of good quality chicken in a keen pickling paste. Read someone quibbling over the ‘small’ portions at Kuti’s but I can only assume this someone is the type who likes to moan despite there being no grounds for it - the kind who’ll rent an Alpine chalet then complain in the visitors book the garden has a slope etc. Portions are more than adequate.

Choosing from an extensive menu offering Venison, Duck, Beef, Ayre Fish curries I opted for Sally Boti next. A lavish garnish of the crispiest straw potatoes concealed a spicy red massala, sweet, succulent Apricots, tender Lamb and carried a warm aftertaste of cloves and almond essence. Accompaniments included plenty of audente Pilau rice, a so so Keema Naan and superior Brinjal Bhajee, a rousing blend of fat, spongy, flavourful eggplant, roast red and yellow peppers. First offered Saag Paneer though how I ordered this I don’t know as it wasn’t on the menu and I didn’t make a special request.

In SUMMARY though on basis of one visit I’d rather return to Kuti’s at Wickham, the menu is just a little more adventurous. Very good but not anything sensational.

Willp2328 score: 7/10

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