Monday 23 June 2008

Gulshan - Reading

Outside Gulshan reads a sign, it says: 'Caution this area is prone to high winds'. I wondered whether Reading's rapacious curryholics were to blame. Stepping through the doors, confronted by the sight of ex boxer turned panto star Frank Bruno grinning maddly at us. Imagined him leaning back on the bar. 'Where's yer drink Frank?'...'It's behind you!'

The tone was set for an amusing evening - Chris and I were off to see Paul Merton's improv chums and our waiter contributed in no small part by belching loudly upon delivering our main courses.

Chat-e-phal was what I began with and my was it strange. Served at room temp in a gaudy looking indian bowl were diced potatoes, pumpkin, chick peas, grapes and wait for it...a glacier cherry, all drenched in a watery sour balsamic tamarind dressing.

Lamb Sag was however, well above par, not that my appetiser had been unpleasant (just retro in the extreme - circa 1970). Hefty pieces of meaty mutton in a savoury preparation punctuated by citrussy coriander seeds, along with a fine roti and moist flavourful pilau rice, orange and saffron yellow were more to my taste.

Not bad for Reading (!).

FOOD: 3.5
VALUE: 3.5

Willp2328score: 6.5/10

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