Friday 13 June 2008

Shapla - Alresford

In a renewed effort to make Petersfield Curry Club's Blog amusing I shall begin every restaurant review from now on with a joke.

Where better to begin than the funniest joke in the world. Here it is...
Question: "What do you call a Frenchman in sandals?"
Answer: "Phillippe Philoppe"

So good I might as well offer up the second funniest joke in the world too...
Interviewer: "When did you first discover you suffered from dyslexia?"
Interviewee: "When I went to a toga party dressed as a goat".

More next week!

Concerning last weeks curry club visit to Shapla, the food was once again well above par. A good meal was highlighted by a super Korai dish of shrimps in a fluid, minty preparation with the creamy, nutty savour of ground cashews, as well as Saag Aloo, buttery spinach and waxy potatoes rounded out by delicious roast garlic and Meat Madras, the perfect definition, sour with lemon and tomato puree, firey with pepper and smarting chilli powder. In addition pillow soft Naans (not chewy in the slightest) and bits of a mixed starter including plump slippery tandoori marinated King Prawn and a cumin flavoured sheek kebab were great. The only lowlight was a Stuffed Mushroom of deep fried disappointment.

The service was a bit harrassing but this didn't spoil a very pleasant evening. Shapla remains able to offer a selection of curries where the variation in taste and texture is clear.

VALUE: 4.5

Willp2328score: 9/10

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