Friday 3 October 2008

Shahanaz - Haslemere, 2/10/08

For over a year I’d always bypassed the pink kitsch of Shanhanaz en route to the morely homely confines of Chilli Night - always until Thursday. The cold in the air gave my sis and I and appetite, just as well given the copious servings we were about to receive (and Lord we were truly grateful). The dining room is large and square, a bizarre venue on several levels with a raise in the middle, remiscent of a night club, carpeted over and repainted.

Quite a crowd had gathered and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. Two fat ladies, eighty eight, a seventieth birthday party, earnest young couples, a table of 12 women armed with pencils and notepaper (?!).

The chutney tray, delivered by an ex-Gurkha Chautari employee, featured a delicious, unctious, honeyish tamarind jam. Our starters, rich, stir-fried, melt in the mouth chicken livers with slivers of green pepper and onion and Bel Puri were very pleasing and equally filling. Main dishes included a rather stodgy Sali Boti and a thick, dark Jeera Beef with strong savour of roasted cumin and hot chilli which was perhaps a bit overpowering. However, they were no less than average while a side of creamed spinach and the sweet buttery crunch of babycorn as well as tasty pilau were superior.

There’s plenty of choice (350 items?) and enough quality in the cooking to make another visit a proposition. It’s simliar in standard to Petersfields, Spice Lounge, not much different from Chilli Night either.


Willp2328score: 6/10

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