Saturday 11 October 2008

Spice Lounge - Petersfield: Why so special?

The worth of the Spice Lounge in number terms might be...Convenience 5/5, Cosiness 5/5, Comfort Food Factor 5/5.

Whatever the authenticity of the dishes they are consistent and rarely bland. Big on flavours, clean and neat in appearance and most importantly reliable, including the new additions to the menu (there are several), Shatkora redolent chilli resin and pickled lime, Shashlik Masala, smokey, creamy and sweet with green peppers. Moreover, solid accompaniments in generous portions make the restaurant a highly satisfying place to eat.

Service has always been polite but recently it has acquired a certain geniality and sharpness. I joked with one of the staff about stalking him in the library...wondered at the possibility of staging a horror movie there. A serial killer who finishes off his (or her - inarresting twist!) victims with a swiftly administered paper cut after luring them into the store room. 'Oh Doris, Mr Johnson's books are well over due! And he's usually so good at renewing them. Have you seen him lately?' Cut to 'Doris' wearing a malign smile... I'm digressing. I was about to voice my admiration for waiters.

I admire waiters because they work social anti social hours, have to be pleasant in the face of condescension and don't get much financial recompense. I respect the guys who make the Spice Lounge tick over: with the kitchen they create, to use Alan Titchmarsh's favourite adjective, a lovely dining experience.

If you live in the Petersfield area and haven't been, go. You can relax in the comfortable booths, linger long and it won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Willp2328 score: Sounds like a tag line but really...'like all good times, you can't put a value on it'

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clkb said...

I've always favoured the Spice Lounge... They've never let me down... Simple but effective... I always judge an Indian by the standard of its Aloo Chat, and the Spice Lounge's Aloo Chat is simply awesome... The best I've ever had...