Friday 27 March 2009

Green Spice - Albert Rd, Southsea

To be frank - not mad like Bruno or shifty like Warren, but straight like... - Green Spice is a significant improvement on the previous encumbent of 61 Albert Road, Romance Of India.

The venue is unprepossessing to say the least, squeezed in between defunct buildings on a corner where nobody lingers. The dining room, though modern, looks bland and devoid of atmosphere from the street. There's no jungle in the window anymore, so you can actually see in.

Our party of four stepped across the threshold nevertheless and were greeted by a waiter who looked a little dishevelled (the first step in life is a well tied tie!) and somewhat slightly dazed. However, he and his colleague, smiled quietly and provided the most efficient and unassuming service I've had in a while.

The starter section of the menu lists dishes that you simply won't find in these parts. Scallops in coconut cream, Venison Bhorta, Squid marinated in oven roasted spice and greek yoghurt.

I chose Smoked (re: Somked) Paprika Salmon and it was executed with all the flair of a posh London Indian. A sizeable fillet of oily fish encrusted with the simple, direct and bold flavours of fresh paprika and dry, hot chilli powder alongside a long ribbon of juicy courgette. Rather excellent!

Other starters included 'spicy' and seemingly crisp Onion bhajis in roundel form and Chicken Tikka, not an enormous portion but neatly presented once again.

Miscellanious mains included two OK looking Thali's, both with a fairly standard selection of sample dishes and a giant Naan, in addition to a Biryiani for Emma, who revealed she 'didn't really like rice' (!?)

My Jalfrezi had plenty of fire as well, just the right amount. Decent chunks of chicken in a resinous, rich, cocktail sauce. In combination with Bhindi, diced and caramelized and pilau rice, moist, buttery and aromatic, it was very good.

The food certainly didn't rush out of the kitchen and it seemed a lot of care had been taken on our behalf. Moreover, the total bill was £61 including drinks, great value!

We were there for most of the evening and only two other tables were serviced. If you've discovered this blog and live in the area, do pay them a visit, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Willp2328 score: 7.5/10

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