Friday 6 March 2009

India Gate - Chichester, 4/3/2009

There is either an epidemic of train suicides at the moment (I've had 10 journeys disrupted in 2009) or it's the latest excuse from Southern Trains for their shoddy performance - everyone's sick to the back teeth of hearing about 'leaves on the line'. Chris, en route, from Brighton was delayed 45 minutes on Wednesday as another RBS shareholder took the ultimate course of action. Meanwhile, I retreated to the town pub surroundings of The Fountain to contemplate what I would do with a pay off £650,000...

At risk of coming across as a look-back bore, India Gate was almost the first restaurant I wrote about. Almost the first, because I penned a sophomore review about Shapla before.
Following a rather average meal in Alresford for the first anniversary of my 25th birthday on Tuesday (Deep fried seabass tail, needing a squeeze of lime to impart any real taste and a mediocre Halibut dish, with tasteless raw chillies and coconut cream, which took the edge of the overall flavour), it was back to Chichester's 'premier' curry joint.

The dining room is modern, quite chic and was full.

Run of the mill poppadoms with chutney tray kicked things off. There followed good, meaty Chicken Tikka with a piquant crust and Gosht Kata Masala - a hearty, worcester sauce infused, root gingery curry. Audente pilau and Niramish, robust, olive oil flavoured mix of cauli, carrots, spinach, diced potatoes and chick peas as well as a plum tomato, onion rich Korai and a great garlic Naan rounded off the meal.

The food tasted pretty good and was presented in clean and colourful fashion, though if I wasn't working at the megalithic offices of Wiley-Blackwell I don't think I'd pay the train fare there and back.

FOOD (& DRINK): 3.5

Willp2328 score: 7/10

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