Thursday 9 April 2009

Sea Raj, Grayshott

We had a blank Wednesday evening after the Curry Club's visit to Chilli Night was postponed until May, so we decided to try the Sea Raj in Grayshott again.

This restaurant's claim to fame is fish - and subject to availability, it can offer a good variety from Asia, including Tilaphia, Pangass, Pabda, Boal, Ayre, Khakia (Garfish) and Bang Mass. There is also a range of fish that you'd expect to see on a European menu. The exotic varieties are explained in the menu, and the restaurant's system is that you select a fish, and then add a sauce or cooking charge to it. Because we're not familiar with the Asian fish, it's difficult to know if any of the traditional curry sauces will suit. On a previous visit, grilled tilaphia and boal were very good, but jalfrezi really didn't go well with boalfish.

There's a good range of starters, many of them based on seafood, but on the night, spicy crispy fried sprats were off, and a king prawn puree and a kp butterfly had to suffice. The puree was good, lots of flavours, very tasty, but the king prawn butterfly was a mass of breadcrumbs and little to taste. Crab meat in coconut sauce, or scallops in garlic butter would have been a better choice.

We decided to try a couple of meat main courses this time. These were very good. The lamb jalfrezi was excellent, fresh peppers and clean flavours, with the lamb cooked exactly to the right consistency. Chicken archaria had a lovely lemon-y tang, and once again, good flavours. Naan, rice and bindi bhaji complemented the main dishes and made a very enjoyable meal.

Other aspects: It's a small restaurant, with (I guess) only about 24 covers. As it was a quiet Wednesday, we had a 4-seater table for two, and this was comfortable. The table settings were smart, crisp white table cloths and black linen napkins - very stylish. It's an attractive place to eat, but also easy to fill, so it's a good idea to book. 01428 608826.

You may be able to find some links from a Google search to the Sea Raj web site, but at the time of writing, the index (home) page was down for maintenance. The link on the title of this blog posting points to the 'menu' pages, but these included items that no longer appear in the printed menu at the restaurant.

There's now another Sea Raj restaurant in Farnham, Surrey, but this doesn't seem to have hit the Internet yet. We'll keep you posted.

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