Thursday 9 April 2009

Bengal Lancer - Kentish Town, NW5

'Bengal Lancer' means 'prancer' in rhyming slang. As well as conjuring memories of all them upper class, cavalry types, hangin' around Kolkata, with big whiskers n' a jolly guffaw, gettin' all the women, it manages to produce some decent food.

Chris and I, like fallouts from the grunge scene, traipsed in for a quick bite before going to see the Eagles (of Death Metal).

The chutney tray was ok but overpriced, indeed everything is just a little more expensive here. However, when our meal came it was almost worth £20 each.

I had Chicken Hyrdabad, which was rather good. Great hunks of flesh in a rich coconut paste with big creamy cashew and candle nuts, as well as a garnish of raw carrot and green chillies that in truth didn't really register because of a mild undertone. Roast parnsips were fine - a throwback to the Indian Raj - while Chris' Chasnidargh was a full-on maroon coloured, sweet, balsamic curry, again perfectly acceptable. A cute bowl of ochre yellow pilau and a bubbling garlic Naan tasted as lovely as they appeared.

The restaurant has a reputation that stretches beyond the rather unassuming surrounds of Kentish Town Road. I would have to go back to ascertain whether it is deserved but it made a more than satisfactory pit stop all the same, and care had clearly been taken in the kitchen to produce interesting and well presented dishes.

FOOD (& DRINK): 3.5 (only stella on tap!!)

Will2328 score: 6.5/10

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