Tuesday 26 May 2009

Great Nepalese - Euston, NW1

As a rule of thumb the Great British Public are not often wrong, Daily Mail readers allowing, I trust most people's opinions. Great Nepalese has an enthusiastic and very loyal following, or, on the evidence of Tuesday's visit, rather a misgiven and very stoic following who are indeed wrong as to what constitutes good food.

Enter through the door (after a fashion) plastered with stickers endorsing the culinary achievements of the restaurant, from Egon Ronnay to the Good Curry Guide, the last dated 2002-3. Yet! Lo and behold, wheredidallthetimego, here we are six years later, about to enter the LED future! Technology has moved on and so has the London dining scene - Great Nepalese hasn't, in fact it's been positively stationary for a quarter of century, maybe more.

Poppadoms were stale and the chutney tray exceptionally dull and unenthusing. The mango lassi was watery. No appetisers so Aidan and I cut straight to the main course. My Dhaba Mutton, a few hunks of meat in a cinnamon tinged, red brown runny sauce - distinctly average, Bhanta, aka Aubergine, tasted more like bland courgette and may have come from the same stock. Meanwhile Aidan's Madras was identical to the dish I consumed with little relish save for a raw looking green chilli or two, even good pilau rice and professional service couldn't make up for it!

Petersfield really is lucky to have the Gurkha Chautari and Durbar around if this is the best London has to offer (which it isn't but nevermind).


Willp2328 score: 4/10

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