Wednesday 13 May 2009

Chilli Night, Haslemere - 13 May 2009

The Inn on the Hill is a great place for pre-curry drinks, and their 1 Kg steak promotion looks massive - but maybe too much for me. But the aim of our visit was Chilli Night, and they didn't disappoint: lovely food - decent wine - average bill: great evening.

Excellent mixed starters with a delicious fresh chutney were followed by

Lamb Jalfrezi
Prawn Madras
Batak (Duck) Shashlik
Lamb Rogan
Garlic Chilli Chicken (my favourite)
accompanied by Bombay aloo and Tarka Dhal.

El Presidente insisted on chapatis and stuffed paratha. Your webmaster / blogmeister wanted garlic naan and plain rice. In the end, more of the chapatis were eaten than the plain rice and naan, so we concede to the wisdom of El Presidente.

It was a good evening. Next time: Gurkha Chautari, Liphook.

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