Tuesday 22 May 2012

Bay Leaf - Grayshott - 9th May

It was a quiet night in Grayshott, probably due to the torrential rain that had persisted since the morning, so the Fox and Pelican was fairly empty even before we walked up to the restaurant.  Bay Leaf had planned to move to its new premises on 6th May, but various hold-ups in the project meant that the change was delayed until later in the month.

Bay Leaf has always impressed with the beautiful way that it presents the food, and the starter this evening was no exception; it included a spicy poppadum with prawns in the puree style, momo (steamed dumplings), pakora, and sekuwa, peppered and barbecued lamb.

The main courses were chosen for us by the restaurant:  the sauced dishes were garlic chilli chicken, very lively but not over-heavy on the garlic, chicken pathia, lamb madras and lamb balti.  We also enjoyed lamb shashlick and tikka chicken - again, beautifully presented.  Side dishes were tarka dhal, channa massala, saag paneer, plain and pilau rice, plain and garlic naan. 

Overall, we had a very enjoyable evening, well looked after by the Bay Leaf staff, who made us more than welcome.  As a footnote, the move the new premises was made on 20th May; the picture shows the celebration archway of balloons around the door of the new premises, the former Kapadokya grill restaurant.  The plan for the old restaurant is Italian plus steak, so it looks as though there should be another interesting addition to the Grayshott food scene very soon. 

Web site www.bay-leaf.co.uk  
New address: 2 Crossways Road, GU26 6HJ
Phone: 01428 608030

Our plan for 13th June is another visit to the Madhuban in Liss, preceded by aperitifs at the Spreadeagle.    We'll decide the programme for July - August then.

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