Tuesday 1 October 2013

Madhuban - 11th September

Considering that many of our regulars were away on holidays in various warmer parts of the world, we had an excellent turnout, on a wet and windy evening, for our second visit to Madhuban of 2013.  

Papadums always seem better with a choice of spicy pickles as well as milder chutneys, and we weren't disappointed - both lime and hot mango pickle were on offer for those that like them.  As usual, we asked the restaurant to select the dishes for the evening.  

First, we had a mixed starter of salmon tikka pakora, onion bhaji, shish kebab, huseini (chicken) kebab and chana aloo chat.  This gave a great selection of various flavours and was a great appetizer before the main courses.

After a milder selection last time, we asked the restaurant to warm things up a little.  They certainly did!  Main dishes were Chicken Korma Mirchwangan - medium hot dish in a deep red sauce - the red comes from various ingrdients including beetroot, tomato, red peppers and spices, Jungli Lamb - Madras hot, quite dry with red chilli, and Methi Lamb.  Vegetable dishes were Madras Sambar - South Indian hot and spicy vegetable and lentil curry with exotic curry leaf, and Panch mela (a dish of five vegetables).  All of these were accompanied by pilau rice, plain and garlic naans. This was a great selection of hot food, but maybe left one or two members behind in terms of heat and intensity. 

Madhuban continues to offer fine cooking accompanied by a warm welcome, and we had a thoroughly good evening.  Our plans for the rest of this year are as follows:

9th October - Paradise Balti, Petersfield
13th November - Chilli Night(s), Haslemere
11th December - Malabon, Petersfield

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