Tuesday 1 October 2013

October meeting - Paradise Balti - Wed 9th

The table is booked!  We'll be visiting the Paradise Balti on Wednesday 9th October, our second visit of the year. 

As usual we'll take aperitifs at the Old Drum (with its fine selection of real ales) from about 19:30, and then cross the road for dinner at 20:30. 

Please confirm either in response to the members' e-mail or by using the feedback form on our web site.  In July, I 'fixed' the form response on the web site to stop spam mail from some losers who sit on line and fill out forms at random in the hope of annoying businesses.  The fix was completely successful as (until I realised) I didn't receive any completed forms at all, from anyone at all!  I've now repaired it again.  If you use the form you should see a 'Thank You' page which will show that it's working properly. 

Looking forward to a great evening on 9th October! 

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