Thursday 12 December 2013

Malabon - good last meeting of 2013


In 2013, we had 11 meetings, and 29 people attended at least one of these; the average attendance was 10. 

This wasn't our best year; in 2007, we held 12 meetings, with 32 individuals attending at least one, and an average attendance of 11.6 per meeting.  But, at least, it's above the historical average of 9.5, and maybe we can hope that the worst effects of the recession are starting to ease. 

Our most visited restaurant was Malabon, where we went three times, including last night.  This was the biggest turnout of the year, and we were met with a warm welcome and a great selection of dishes.  The menu was chosen for us by the restaurant as usual, and included king prawn rogan josh (we thought this was delicious), handi lamb (dry-ish lamb dish with red chillies), rajeshwari chicken (saucy and medium hot), gosht lajawaab (saucy and mild), and Goan green curry which tasted good even though it looks rather dark.  Accompaniments were a good selection of rice, naan and vegetable side dishes, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

It was a good way to finish the year, and in January we plan to go to Dhanmondi in Whitehill.  Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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