Monday 5 January 2015

Chilli Night(s)!

Happy New Year, and the table is booked for Petersfield Curry Club's first event of 2015!  January will see our return after a Curry Club gap of (would you believe it?) six years to one of my favourite restaurants, Chilli Night or Nights in Weyhill, Haslemere.  Since we were last there, the pub situation hasn't improved - the Crown and Cushion is now a set of flats; the Red Lion has been the Inn on the Green and the latest Google StreetView pictures show it as the Apple Tree.

So to keep things sensible, we're going to meet at the restaurant for aperitifs from 19:30, and then dinner will be at 20:30 as usual.  Members - please let me know through the feedback page of the website, or by reply to the e-mail notice, whether you expect to make it or not.  Chilli Night(s) serves wonderful food but doesn't have a huge number of covers - we need to let them know how many we will fill, and not over- or under- promise on our booking.

Why the confusion over Chilli Night or Nights?   The logo says one thing but the sign outside says more!  Whatever, it's never failed to produce exciting food.

Details: the restaurant is on Weyhill, Haslemere, about 6 minutes' walk from the station.  There's parking on the street outside,  but when that's full, there's a free public car park at the fairground, just off St Christopher's Road.  A search on Google Maps suggests that the Curry Club (founder Pat Chapman, author of the Good Curry Guide) is located just over the road from that car park!

Looking forward to a great evening on 14th!

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