Thursday 20 March 2008

Everest Spice - Kingston Road, Portsmouth

The tiny Everest Spice is owned by a former employee of the Nepalese tourist board. His description of Portsmouth, an 'historic city famous for its beautiful beaches' belies this. With me to indulge in a spot of food tourism, Dave, Ian and Dave all from Bridgend, 'famous for its suicide rate'.

Sekuwa - large lumps of clay oven chicken brushed with a light, savoury, mellow yellow coating of curry powder, tumeric and a hint of lemon well complemented by a Nepalese achar (pickle) made for a highly promising start to our meal.

Next Sherpa Kurkhura (or Gurkha Chicken*) included more hulking pieces of poultry in a tomato sauce pungent with curry leaves, given some bite by spring onion and a green chilli or two. A side order 'Aloo Tama', used whole slices of pickled (tinned) bamboo shoot meaning the soap like radishy taste rather overawed the potato based preperation.

Dave had a 'moment' mid way through his Mayalu - a mustard coloured nutty,creamy curry with...flabby, raw pieces of chicken...! His face turned a deathly white, his voice broke, I could hear his insides screaming 'aaaaarrrggghhh!' However, a few circumspect prods with a fork revealed the secret ingredient to be Lychee. 'What's a Lychee?' asks Dave, fresh from a trip to the orient, clearly he's never studied the desert menu in a Anglo Chinese joint before.

We'd no time for desert as football half times were up so left after paying £20 a head (including 6 beers, standard poppadoms and dips). In summary, Everest Spice was decent. I may return

*waiter may have misunderstood my order. Everest Spice's version of the Himalayan staple is far removed from Gurkha Dubars rendering of the same.


Willp2328score: 6/10

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