Thursday 6 March 2008

Shapla - Alresford, 5/3/08

In general really good indian cuisine should produce a slowly intoxicating blend of flavours that twinge the taste buds, tantalise the tip of the tongue and tingle in the back of the mouth. Shapla's kitchen consistently serves up dishes which produce these very taste sensations, even if the poppadoms were, on this occasion, stale.

Salmon Shapla, a subtly charred, spicy, fishy fillet served on drainpipe plate with tamarind jam was an ideal appetiser. Lamb Sag, hearty and robust, expertly treated with cumin, coriander as well as fenugreek to bring out the deep savoury flavour of the spinach was excellent. Similarly their Chana Masala, buttery, a touch salty with nutty undertones and a trace of musky tumeric. The Biryiani must of been special as Dad really enjoyed it and he's not one to get made up over curry.

No wonder then all 5 of us enjoyed our food. Tim's Murgh Rossa and Mum's Methi Chicken were reportedly 'really nice' and Paula's starter Jinga Peshwari (2 king prawns coated in a thick cashew/almond paste) looked delectable - I'll have that next time!





Willp2328score: 8/10

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