Monday 17 March 2008

Paradise Balti – Petersfield, 15/3/08

For a fix (not that I’m really in need) the Paradise suits me fine. It did ok for Aaran, Rich and I on a spontaneous Saturday night visit (alright I did book…but only 5 hours in advance!).

Fish Tikka, 3 hunks of lovely succulent Trout in a honeyed crispy charred crust was terrific at an uber reasonable 2.95. Lamb Goanes, a smooth, sweet, sour curry with tobasco flavour while agreeable enough tasted a little one dimensional and carried an initial burning sensation.

I’ve never been convinced by the execution of their vegetable dishes and an olive oily Aubergine Bhajee did little to change feelings. However, good breads and excellent rice made up for this.

The staff looked a little jaded but were quiet, unassuming and cordial as always despite being very busy – the place does a roaring takeaway trade. The kitchen resisted the urge to rush (a good thing) and we were served late, yet in the cosy confines happy to wait.


Willp2328 rating: 6.5/10

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