Thursday 17 April 2008

The Great Curry Trail

Wed 16 Apr, 11:20 pm - 11:50 pm 30mins

1/2. The Great Curry Trail: Self confessed 'food pervert' Ravinder Bhogal goes on a quest to trace how Britain came to fall in love with Indian food. [S]

This is a must-watch programme for anyone that loves Indian food. She traces the development of the Indian restaurant in the UK from Veeraswamy's in Regent Street, via Southall (Punjabi), Brick Lane (Bengali), Birmingham's Balti Triangle (Kasmiri), Leicester's Golden Mile (Gujerati). Next week she visits Manchester, Newcastle and the home of CTM, Glasgow.

At the moment it's not listed on BBC iplayer. Maybe this is a mistake, maybe they haven't caught up, maybe they're just f***wits. Look out for any repeats and don't miss Part 2.

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