Friday 18 April 2008

Pasha - Cowplain

Pasha not to be confused with Palash a few doors down. Passing by on the London Road leading into Waterlooville, a trick of the eye convinced me I’d chosen the wrong place. ‘It said Palash not Pasha!?’, ‘Where the f***s Pasha then?’, ‘I dunno’, I protest, ‘I thought it was back there’. Well, several scrambled attempts to get hold of people with interet access to look up the restaurants number, directory inquiries etc.., and a brief recee on foot, revealed Pasha, pretty much in the same place. ‘Oh…’ – lucky I didn’t go into Palash and ask for Pasha, or even worse go into Pasha and ask for directions.

We were greeted politely by an ex employee of another local Bangladeshi. ‘I think I’ve served you before’ he said, narrowing his eyes, ‘Blue Cobra’ , I hesitated, remembering the spilt wine and broken glass of one particular visit, ‘er…yeess’.

Later he asked me for my opinion of the food. I told him I liked my Duck Korai very much. Lovely livery duck, smokey like patee in a smooth hot, tangy, sour orange gravy with great slivers of onion and red, green capsicums. Bhindi Bhajee was fine, ditto a pilau rice and Mum’s Vegetable Biryiani, presented sandcastle style with cucumber swirls bla bla bla. Prices are above average but this is a restaurant that was recently voted Top 100 in the UK at the British Curry Awards no less! Poppadoms with 5 assorted dips then a sardinious* fish puree had begun things reasonably and while I’m still to have a truly memorable puree preparation, I tend to judge places on their mains. Just as well then.

* another one for Dr Johnson to add (?)

FOOD (& DRINK): 3.5

Willp2328 rating: 7/10

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