Friday 4 April 2008

The NEW Madhuban - Liss

Last Saturday evening was so busy, though there was a corner for Chris and I. Bedar Miah energetically runs front of house and he rushed to and fro, shaking hands, saluting old friends, scribbling orders, while his smiley staff of young male and female waiters served the throng. Lodue, his older brother, operated the bar, in a beige cashmere cardigan, looking every inch the well to do Asian gent.

A couple of Mango Lassis and poppadoms in, food arrived. Gorgeous Chana Aloo Chat tasting of roast garlic and tangy spices followed by creamy, rich, paprika tinged Korma Mirchiwangan. Plenty of lamb, added sweetness from beetroot and red pepper only a little cloying. Panch Mela, a buttery mixed vegetable curry and filling saffron rice too much - and not because I'd eaten all the excellent chilli and lime pickle.

The old Madhuban was my godfathers favourite Bangladeshi restaurant and we met again on Thursday. I enjoyed a good meal of Salmon Tikka, 4 pieces encrusted with red chilli tainted coating and Prawn Balichao, a genuine Goan speciality, tart, citric, reminiscent of Lime pickle and vinegar. In addition, Saag Paneer was mellow, mild and lovely.

So what of the new Madhuban (now beginning it's 21st year)? It's more roomy (despite being full to bursting on Thursday night, as it was on Saturday). It's lighter with a different kind of atmosphere, not as cosy but perhaps more convival. It has the same colourful menu, more choice (Korma Mirchiwangan, Panch Mela, Salmon Tikka and Prawn Balichao among the new additions) but higher prices (although it's still better value than other local curry houses). In SUMMARY standards haven't suffered, they may even have improved but only time and a few more gratuitous visits will decide.



Willp2328score: 8/10

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