Saturday 1 December 2007

Madhuban - Liss, 30/11/07

A bustling Friday evening, the restaurant was full, no one put off by the torrential downpour outside (why would they be, the place is watertight!). The staff were a brisk, not in the mood for concessions. No Aloo Chat, ‘not on Friday night’ , no time to digest pickles and dips before they were whisked away – to another table (naughty naughty).

After a wait food arrived and everything was more or less spot on. Bents, born and raised a veggie, full of nut roasts and bovril pronounced Madhuban's Chicken Tikka starter the ‘best’ meat he’d eaten and he’s been eating lots recently. Three times in a month including a steak! Dense flesh in customary charred cheesy yoghurt coating it was worthy of his praise. He may well have looked avariciously at the Methi Chicken I had next. Wet, buttery with an abundance of fenugreek imprating a gentle bitterness and a strong tea like taste augmented by ground coriander. We shared a lovely Mutter Paneer (sic), peas and textured curd cheese in a rich almond cream sauce, earthy sweet with cumin powder and a Bhindi Bhajee. There was plenty of richly aromatic pilau rice and a 17 quid bottle of steely Chablis to wash it down.

willp23328visit: 7/10

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