Saturday 8 December 2007

Madhuban - Liss, 7/12/07

Whether it was extra orange zest in the breakfast marmalade or excess carbs from another end of week visit to the Madhuban I cannot say but I felt fleet of foot during the Saturday morning run. Suppose it could have been the fact I had a relatively light meal. Tikka to start and finish (no dessert – I’ve got a box of novelty toys and ‘highly decorated’ ice cream pots in the loft. Besides if I have too much ice cream my brain freezes like Sylvester Stallones).

Lamb tikka to start was okay, a little gristly perhaps. Then Darjeeling Chicken Tikka looked superb, each nugget encrusted in a resplendent olive green herb paste but tasted similar to Chicken Tikka. Not a bad thing but I’d hoped for a difference. There was a mixed vegetable curry – Neramishee Marareesh – a bit of a mouthful to say and eat, cloying, voluptuously flavoursome as well and a bottle of aromatic german white wine with a soft lychee finish at 9.95 concluding things satisfactorily.

Willp2328visit: 6/10

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