Thursday 13 December 2007

Paradise Balti - Petersfield, 12/12/07

'The Paradise isn't Paradise' said someone on Wednesday night and true enough it isn't but the place serves up flavourful food in a warm, cosy, womb like environment nonetheless.

After at least a 3 year absence there were some pre dinner nerves - how would they cope with the descending revellers from the Petersfield curry club?

In the event, as is so often the case, everything went smoothly. We ate well enough, although there were few too many chicken curries, flesh with a strange smoky flavour and smooth rubbery texture resembling processed meat. Balti Chicken, Chicken Korai and Jalfrezi all made from the same stock sauce were just about discernable. The Balti slightly more aromatic than the Korai in turn more tomatoey, less hot than a Jalfrezi, buzzing with butter, chilli resin, salt and heady coriander. The Vindaloo was very good, pleasantly sour possessing a dryish rasp but the best dishes were Tarka Dall and excellent Mushroom rice with fried egg. Bhindi much cleaner (less oil) than previous, Saag Aloo and mix veg curry enjoyable too. Soft doughy Naans - Peshwari, gently sweetened by almond flour and Garlic, could have been sharper - filled us up further.

All in all, reasonable formula curry.

willp2328visit: 6/10

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