Wednesday 19 December 2007

Jaipur - Albert Road, Southsea, 17/12/07

With each visit I continue to warm to Jaipur, a feeling reinforced by the cold on a dark bitter evening. The chef patron seems to have a restaurant just the right size to enable him to cook to order without losing control.

Sheek Kebabs were worth the wait. Lean mince rolled with fruity bits of red and green pepper, properly crisp on the outside. Mirchi Ka Salan too, gorgeous supple slices of Lamb in a scorching peanutty curry, chilli hot and dry tasting, like the north indian plains. Hariyali Dal - thick lentils, spinach, oozed fresh bright flavours of tomato and lemon. Portions again enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetite (my stomach is horse sized).

Our bottle of Pinot Grigio had either been in the freezer or outside, icy cold and not the right temperature but then some would say why order wine in a curry joint you silly sod!? I dispute this of course!* Anyhow it featured on a a bill for five hungry people of £79, this is value. One could almost base a visit to Portsmouth on the premise of dining at the restaurant - rather good.

Willp2328visit: 8/10
UPGRADED score: 8/10

*Aromatic or particuarly crisp clean whites, roses or full bodied fruit laden reds are good partners.

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